Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ghetto Water Slide

My sister Erin decided to bring herself and her 3 kids up for the weekend. Then Hannah is babysitting my sister Sarah's two kids while they are in Aruba so she came up for the bridal shower with her kids and decided to stay the night. Then Flossie showed up with her two boys and not far behind her was Bryan with his two boys. So it turned out to be a big family reunion. With a house full of kids there was bound to be mischief. Us Dalia children are known for coming up with creative ways to play. I remember when my parents were out of town we would pile mattresses on the stairway and slide down them. Strangely enough no one broke anything doing that. We have come up with many ways to make water slides as well. Emmie, Alisa, and Tony made a HUGE water slide going from our swing set slide all the way down the hill to the driveway with a kiddie pool at the bottom to catch you. Erin called it the Ghetto Water park. The regular slide had a water hose running and the kids put soap all over the slide so you went extra fast! The kiddie pool was not the safest way to catch you because it was a steep drop into it which made for a hard fall, especially if you didn't make it into the pool but hit the rock driveway. So we had Emmie and Tony on call to catch the kids as they got close to the bottom. But once poor little Katie went down the slide without making sure there was someone to catch her and before we could get her she went down and hit the bottom hard. All her mother had to say was " that is the risk you take for sliding on this slide". It worked because she didn't cry at all and got right back in line to ride the slide.

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  1. So funny! And I called it a "white trash" slide, but had to rephrase that bc no one was white---lol!!!!