Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ghetto Water Slide

My sister Erin decided to bring herself and her 3 kids up for the weekend. Then Hannah is babysitting my sister Sarah's two kids while they are in Aruba so she came up for the bridal shower with her kids and decided to stay the night. Then Flossie showed up with her two boys and not far behind her was Bryan with his two boys. So it turned out to be a big family reunion. With a house full of kids there was bound to be mischief. Us Dalia children are known for coming up with creative ways to play. I remember when my parents were out of town we would pile mattresses on the stairway and slide down them. Strangely enough no one broke anything doing that. We have come up with many ways to make water slides as well. Emmie, Alisa, and Tony made a HUGE water slide going from our swing set slide all the way down the hill to the driveway with a kiddie pool at the bottom to catch you. Erin called it the Ghetto Water park. The regular slide had a water hose running and the kids put soap all over the slide so you went extra fast! The kiddie pool was not the safest way to catch you because it was a steep drop into it which made for a hard fall, especially if you didn't make it into the pool but hit the rock driveway. So we had Emmie and Tony on call to catch the kids as they got close to the bottom. But once poor little Katie went down the slide without making sure there was someone to catch her and before we could get her she went down and hit the bottom hard. All her mother had to say was " that is the risk you take for sliding on this slide". It worked because she didn't cry at all and got right back in line to ride the slide.

Bridal Shower

My sisters ( mainly Flossie) threw me a very nice bridal shower this weekend. They did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed it. I think the best part about all of it was a game where everyone had to fill out questions about me and then she made me fill it out at the same time. The person who got the most right won the prize. Well, I couldn't answer the questions myself so I didn't figure anyone else would be able to either. There were questions like your favorite TV show? Your favorite band? Your favorite store to shop in? These answers change based on what is on netflix and what Eric has playing. ( I am a strong, independent person who has her own taste, but Eric definitely controls the music in our relationship. He does have great taste)

Then Flossie made me play that game guessing what Eric would say to certain questions. If i got it wrong i had to load my mouth with bubble gum. I think i know Eric pretty well but there were some unfair questions. Like what is his favorite band. No way anyone knows that, not even Eric, because it changes from day to day.

The favorite game of the day was when Flossie divided the groups into teams and they had to dress my mom and Eric's mom in a wedding dress made of toilet paper. They both told me not to post the pictures on facebook but no one said my blog was out!

Since most of my nieces and nephews, with the addition of some other kids, attended the shower, they all wanted to help open the presents.

There were some very cute decorations, including a line of pictures of Eric and I growing up and then together.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

20 Years Later

This past weekend we took a trip down to Salt Lake City to visit our friends Rosie, Stephen, and their dog Max. They threw us a little wedding party for all of our friends in Utah to come to. Her parents were nice enough to offer their home for the party. It was really nice to see old companions and friends. I realized that night more than ever that the friendships Bethany and I made while we were serving as missionaries will be lifelong relationships that run deep. The Gospel really does bind people together, even in friendship.

Rosie is about 8 months pregnant and had her baby shower on Saturday. I was invited by her mother but decided that the thought of being in a circle of women talking about child birth was too much for me to handle right before I get married. So, I ditched them and went to see Harry Potter. Alone. And yes, it was awesome to have a little guy time to myself.

As our friends came to our wedding party, there was a table set up where they could write on slips of paper and put them in a jar. The prompt beside the jar was "Where will we be in 20 years?". Well, here is where our friends think we will be by then:

  • "Professor McLean"
  • Own a jet
  • 20 kids
  • Sending our firstborn to BYU-Idaho, hopefully having paid the debt of bad roommates for them.
  • East Coast, most likely Virginia
  • Half of our kids will be adopted
  • Won the lottery
  • Starred in a reality t.v. show
  • Lived in 2 foreign countries
  • Vacation house in Italy
  • Bethany will own a boutique/cafe
  • Genius children
Well, there you have it folks. It looks like we will have a very, very, VERY long and eventful 20 years and winning the lottery will allow us to have 20 kids, purchase a jet to fly to our vacation home in Italy, open a boutique/cafe, start our own reality t.v. show, and make sure that our kids go to the best schools so that they can be geniuses...because we all know my salary as a teacher just won't cut it!

We are very happy to be going home in a few days but are dreading the drive across the badlands of America. We have been frantically trying to get things together before we leave and have accomplished quite a lot. We even bought our first piece of furniture! It is a refinished kitchen table that is a sort of black/rust color with high top chairs. We like it so much that we almost forget we need to find some more furniture so our table isn't the only decor in our new apartment.

The big day is almost here!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

This year on the 4th I woke up with a vivid memory from my childhood. It was from the fourth of July 13 years ago.

We were living in China, Maine. My older siblings had gone to the fireworks in a town 20 minutes away (by car) and I really wanted to go. As a kid, I had a bad habit of complaining to my parents so that they would make one of my older siblings take me with them. I remember getting to places with them and their friends on numerous occasions, but this wasn't one them. They told me I couldn't go with Flossie (my sister) and her friends to the fireworks. I was pretty mad so I decided that I could ride my bike the 15 or 20 miles into the next town and see the fireworks myself.

Clearly, as a 10 year old, I had not thought this through. But in true Dalia stubbornness I had to see the fireworks so I was going. I wrote a note and left it in my room. I must add my room was shared with my little sister Hannah and we were not clean children, so leaving the note in the middle of a pile of books probably wasn't the best idea. I left it anyway, hopped on my bike, and headed for the fireworks. I remember riding my bike along that main rode like it was yesterday. I was so scared. I had seen plenty of shows in my young of kids getting kidnapped. I really don't know how I made it all the way there. It kept getting darker and darker the longer I rode. I remember riding into town and realizing that this wasn't such a good idea. I had no idea where my sister was and I had no way to find her. There were huge crowds of people everywhere. I remember standing across the street from the McDonald's with my bike and crying because i had no idea what I was going to do. Then and i felt someone grab me and ask me what the heck I was doing there. It was my sister Flossie. I told her I had come to see the fireworks. She grabbed me and pulled me with her. I don't remember if I actually got to see the fireworks. I think I ruined it for myself and Flossie. I just remember one of her friends taking us home with my bike in the back.

We got to our house and there was my Mom crying. Now this was the time before cell phones so my parents had NO idea where i was and had NOT seen my note, so they had been very scared. My mom hugged me and told me she loved me and then she told me never to do that again and that I was grounded. ( you can always count on moms to give you the good news before the punishment) It turns out they had gone looking around the neighborhood and the local lake for me and were just about to call the police when they found out where I was.

That was by far my most eventful 4th of July. As I was remembering it yesterday morning I realized how lucky I was that day. There is no denying God was looking out for me. It was nothing short of a miracle that right as my 10 year old self rode into town on a bike my sister was right there to find me.

This week in Doctrine and Covenants class we talked about our country, what a great land it is, and how it is a miracle given to us by God. We are so blessed to live in a land of freedom, where we can worship and raise our families. As I have lived in other countries, I always come home with a greater appreciation for the USA. While I have loved living abroad and experiencing other cultures, I always come home with a longing for America. So, this fourth of July I am grateful for our country and the miracles that God gives us. I am grateful to the people who fight and have fought to keep us free.